How to select the best real estate trainer?

If you’re looking to get the best trainer to help you grow your business the first thing you should not do is get someone who makes you feel comfortable.You need to find a coach or trainer who offers:

1. Experience
2. Knowledge about the industry
3. A track record
4. Maturity
5. Courage to tell you the truth
6. A caring attitude

While experience and knowledge about the industry are both important, without doubt the biggest asset a coach can possess is the ability to tell you the truth.Sometimes the truth hurts. You don’t need someone who tells you what you want to hear. 

A good coach will tell you what you need to hear.If you can understand the value of becoming ‘comfortable about being uncomfortable’, then you will have the ability to grow as a professional.A well-meaning friend is the last thing you need in a coach. Well-meaning friends and relatives will want to protect you. You don’t need that!You may be wondering why a good coach needs to have a caring attitude. It’s because ‘the brutal truth’ coming from a position of caring will always have a greater impact.Do not be afraid to interview various coaches before making a decision. 

Each coach will bring different skills, will have different methods, ideas and plans about how they can help you improve your business.Ask plenty of questions and check out their references. Don’t rely on peer pressure and bragging about the services the coach can offer. You will, in time, probably outgrow your coach and that’s a good thing. 

A great coach will want to make themselves redundant because in doing that, they will be achieving what should be your mutual goal. Your growth!

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