How to get a constant flow of listings leads

There is a saying in real estate – “List and last!”

There are two sides to a real estate transaction – seller and buyer or from a real estate salespersons perspective – list and sell.

But they are not two equal sides.  If they were, the commission earned from a sale would be split evenly between the two sides. In fact agents earn more commission from listing a property than selling it.

The lister is the king and successful agents know they need a constant flow of listing leads

So how can you get more real estate listings?  How can you keep the listings pipeline full of potential sellers?

Gone are the days of just relying on a roster period and hoping that someone will walk in and ask to list their property.  Even being the most dominant agent in the area with tons of signs is not going to cut it.  You need to get ahead of the curve.

Smart agents use leverage to get more listing leads.

For every listing you need to be generating 2, 3, 4 or more listing leads.  These are potential sellers dropping into your listing funnel so you can start to build a relationship with them.  Property owners you can nurture in your pipeline until they are ready to list with you.

That is why Secret Listing was created.

When you list a property, simply take a photo and the Silver Bullett team will do the rest.

  • Create a custom banner featuring you and the property
  • Create a social media marketing campaign
  • Target the demographic and start marketing the property
  • Gather the interest
  • Sort the interest into potential seller categories (that the real magic)
  • Introduce the property so they can get all the details they need as a buyer
  • Start marketing to them on your behalf as a potential seller
  • Supply you the lead when they are red hot to list

All this done for you on every listing – creating interest in the property, discovering potential seller leads and marketing you as the agent of choice.

Sellers of the property you are marketing will love it because it is pro-active marketing before they must commit to an expensive marketing campaign.

Buyers will love it because they are getting advance notice of their dream property and possible securing it ‘off market’.   The secret listing

You will love it because you will have full listing funnel – potential sellers to work with!

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