How much does it cost to have a real estate trainer?

I find it amusing that we want sellers to view any marketing expenditure as an “investment” because they are investing in the sale of their property.

Then when it comes to improving our skills through training, securing a coach or a mentor, we look at it as a coast.

Change how you look at the “investment” in improving yourself and your business and you will value the advice much more.

Anything seen as a cost or even free, sometimes is looked upon as having little or no value.

Having said that, there are always ways to measure the impact any training is having but that will occur if you set in place some realistic expectations up front and then, with your coach, monitoring those KPI’s.

Like anything you take on, it will come down to attitude.  Skills can be taught but attitude comes from within.  You need to approach any work you do with a trainer in a positive frame of mind.

Measure your progress and celebrate the wins.

To answer the question about the cost.  Best you should ask – “What is the cost of not having a trainer?”.

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