The best agents very rarely must ask this question and there is a reason for that.

They have been able to create a business that does not rely on having to chase new listing leads all the time.  They have created an ‘attraction business’.  A business that acts like a magnet and has people coming to them to list and sell their property instead of the other way around.

This does not happen overnight.  To establish a business like this takes time, experience, patience and the right mindset.

In a recent interview I did with John McGrath he makes the point that “it is all about mindset”.  Mindset is what will set you apart.

Let’s set the foundation for the mindset you need to develop to achieve an attraction business.  Here are some points to work on:

  • Forget about the transaction (list and sell)
  • Think about the person
  • Start to set up a relationship
  • Give instead of take – information
  • Set out to help them achieve their goals NOT yours
  • Treat everyone you meet the same way
  • Follow up, follow up, follow up
  • Ask “How can I help you?” “What do you need from me?”
  • Think abundance not self interest
  • Listen more than you talk

When you meet someone new make sure you record all their details in a CRM system and then plan to keep in touch.

Don’t get lazy and send everyone the same thing – your latest listings.  Think about what they will value (point 4 above).  Just sending a newsletter with your latest listings and opens is so wrong will be ignored.

The agents who keep in touch with me, whose relationship I value, are the ones who send me articles, news items and information they think will interest me.  They probably send it to lots of people like me, but I feel as if I am the only one they are sending it to because it is what they know interests me.

Get to REALLY know the people you meet.  This is how you build relationships and that is how you can keep a constant flow of potential sellers coming into your funnel.

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