How do I get more real estate listings?

There is no doubt that a real estate agent’s ability to list properties for sale will be in direct proportion to that person’s success in the industry.

When I first started in real estate I heard the phrase ”List and Last”. At the time I understood what it meant but I didn’t realise its importance.

Many people join the industry and think that it’s all about loving houses, having a feel for interior decoration and getting on well with people. Some, if not all of those, are important but the skills required to be a top real estate agent have nothing to do with houses.

It all starts with prospecting. Prospecting every day of the week and in fact every waking moment. Great agents never stop prospecting. They are always looking for opportunities and they leverage off everyone they meet. That is not to say that they “use” people, but they are always looking for opportunity.

I’m often asked the question why, in one office, two people sitting side-by-side with the same opportunities earn vastly different sums of money. The answer is simple. It’s just that one person is acutely aware of opportunities and grabs every one of those opportunities and does something with them.

Really good real estate agents are always improving their skills and looking for ways to get better. This includes how they prospect, how often they prospect and how they follow up on every lead.

Think of any person you meet as being a potential client. Look for the opportunities. Make sure that everyone you meet is recorded into your CRM system and that you have a plan to follow-up with them to start building a relationship.

Success and opportunities to have them as a client may not come quickly and for that reason you need to have a long-term strategy to be developing those relationships.

Your goal should be to become their agent before they need one. If you can achieve that, you are likely to be the only one called in when and if they decide to list their property for sale.

A constant flow of listings will come from a pipeline of contacts. You need to start developing that pipeline and nurturing it as soon as possible.


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