How do I do real estate marketing?

To be successful in real estate you need to become a marketing machine.

To do that you need to be thinking continually about marketing yourself as the agent before someone needs an agent.

My advice is to develop a plan that runs over a full 12 month period. When you’re developing the plan, break it up into months and then think about the seasons. What will people be doing at different times of the year? Think about special events in your area. Maybe local fetes that you want to be involved in.

Make sure you include all the school holidays because that’s a great time for you to be doing colouring in competitions and other activities that you can involve those living in your patch in the activities that you undertake.

The most important thing to remember is that you need to plan ahead.

There is no point in planning an activity to get spring listings at the start of September. Your plan needs to be developing at least two to three months out from when you commence the activity.

Once you develop the plan and before you start to put it into place, it’s important that you have a process already set up so that you can capitalise on any leads that come in.

Having a CRM system, such as LockedOn is the way to start.  Once you’ve done that you’re then prepared to start loading all the leads and building trails.

There is no point in developing a marketing plan, carrying it out and spending money, if you’re not going to process the leads that come from that activity. A waste of time and money!

Marketing in real estate is a long term prospect. You will not get short term results.

Start to think long term about your marketing.

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