Helping hands

For our last show in 2021 and in fact the first one for 2022, Kevin Turner is delighted to say his guest is a highly respected international digital and real estate leader.  Steve Carroll keeps himself at the cutting edge of digital trends which has seen him visit and liaise with some of the top tech giants in the United States, including Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook, and regularly called upon as a guest speaker on digital innovation, sales, and leadership. He is considered a pre-eminent authority on digital trends.   But it is not digital trends we are talking to Steve about in this show – it is about another passion he has – one that he has already succeeded at involving a large section of the Australian property industry in….. and now he is out to increase that substantially.   We are proud to support Steve with this project and he will join us today to explain what it is all about, how you can get involved, and introduce 2 remarkable people who are on this journey with him.  More information about the Zoomathon 

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