Building on my last post “How to get more real estate listings” – let’s deal with getting more listings as a beginner.

The best agents in your office will make everything they do look so easy so don’t get dis-heartened if you seem to be coming up against a brick wall.

In the early days measure yourself on activity NOT results.

Set out the right activities and then when you develop the discipline around doing those activities consistently, you can focus on doing them better and more effectively.

The first thing to establish is your database.  This is where you will start to accumulate the information you will be gathering as you go about your farming.

Use contact management software to maintain a relationship with people you know and meet. The golden rule here is to enter everything.  Everyone you meet with as much detail as you can and then start communicating with them.  You will get a lot of tips that go with a program like LockedOn.  This is how you start to build relationships and that is what it is all about.

Remember, everyone you meet is a prospect and needs to go straight into your database.

Ask each person for their contact information, especially e-mail addresses. Tell them you want to send them some information about the real estate market.  Everyone is interested in what is happening to prices.  Just tell someone at a barbecue that you are in real estate and see what happens.

Getting your contact management system set up and operating is the first step to a constant flow of listing leads.  LockedOn will help with setting up trails to follow up your leads, what to say and the letters and emails to send.

Start today and remember:

Activity comes a long way before success so be prepared to put in the hard yards.

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