There is mounting concern that the training for real estate ‘professionals’ leaves a lot to be desired.

Industry leaders know that the current level of training that is required to receive a licence or certificate to operate as a real estate agent is very basic and does not reflect the importance of the duties carried out by agents in assisting buyers and sellers through a very complex and high value transaction.

Although there has been significant moves made by some of the peak real estate bodies in Australia in recent times, the barrier to entry is still far too low. A recent interview we conducted on Brisbane commercial radio 4BC with REIQ Chairman Rob Honeycombe is clear evidence of the level of concern. 

Licensing is the responsibility of the various State Governments and it is those bodies that should be concerned about adequate training to ensure the protection of consumers yet they do not heed the warnings of the Institutes.

If they were serious about consumer protection they should be getting on the front foot.

  • Phil Hogg
    Posted at 09:48h, 29 September Reply

    I agree with you, the Agents who are qualified and compliant especially in the NZ system are penalized by those who are not. NZ system for level 5 agent qualification is 180 credits each credit is 10 hours and the institutions make sure you complete the time and pass the exam. That is 12 months of 40 hours per week full time. The franchises make light of qualified agents and don’t reward them

    • Kevin Turner
      Posted at 09:54h, 29 September Reply

      I agree Phil. I think the standard to qualify to be a real estate agent should be lifted dramatically. Kevin

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