Effective prospecting in real estate.

Real Estate Prospecting

Prospecting is the foundation of every good real estate business.  Like any foundation, it is what you build on.

I recall conducting a training session with a group of new agents a few years ago and one remarked that she could not wait until the day came when she did not have to prospect anymore.

When I asked her what she meant, she explained that experienced agents don’t need to prospect because the business just comes their way.  If only it was that easy.

Success and time in the business do not correlate.

The most successful agents I know have a daily ritual that includes prospecting.  That’s right – they prospect every day.

I recently interviewed James Tostevin from Marshall White in Melbourne and he says that he needs to make 100 prospecting calls a week.  They are not all cold calls of course, but he is still in contact with 100 people a week to build on his relationship with them.

Some are new who he has met at an open or a function and he uses that meeting as leverage in his conversation on the phone to get to know them a bit better and for them to get to know him.   He does not look for business straight off the bat and therefore does not start talking about business until well into the conversation – if at all.

The interview is well worth watching because he gives some great tips on prospecting effictively.  It is in the “10 Habits Of Top Performers” video you will find on the site.  If you can’t find it, send me an email – kevin@realestatetalk.com.au – and I will send you the link.

How to do ‘effective’ prospecting?  Do it consistently and do it with a long-term focus.

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