Best real estate prospecting ideas

Does the very thought of real estate prospecting make you shudder? If so, you aren’t alone. For many agents, prospecting is a necessary evil, one that is all too easy to postpone and drop to the bottom of your to do list.

Yet the majority of real estate professionals are hungry for more quality leads, more of those truly motivated sellers. Real estate prospecting is one of the best ways to generate more real estate leads. It can be time consuming, but it’s an exciting endeavour! We’ve compiled some of the best real estate prospecting ideas to help you save time and prospect like a pro.

Warm Up to Cold Calls.

Does the very thought of picking up the phone give you chills? Don’t worry! Hesitating to make cold calls is natural and it won’t last forever. Find a script you feel comfortable with, check out the “Do Not Call” register, and start making calls. Your script can be as simple as “Hello, this is Candace calling from ABC Realty. Have you thought about moving this year? If you were to move, where would you go?” A simple, friendly question like this can open a meaningful conversation. Don’t give up on cold calling, as it still proves to be an effective prospecting method for successful real estate agents.

Understand Your Strengths.

There are a multitude of real estate prospecting methods, including phone calls, doorknocking, Social media marketing, Seminars and local marketing. Don’t spread yourself too thin by trying to accomplish every single tactic or you won’t end up giving enough attention to any one of them.

Phone prospecting is one of the more familiar (and effective) tactics and I would recommend incorporating it into your strategy.  Then choose your other prospecting methods based on your own personal strengths. Do you love to host and organize events?   Seminars about buying and selling property are always very popular. Are you energized by meeting people at their homes? Try going doorknocking. You know your personal strengths the best so choose a prospecting approach that suits your personality and give it your all.

Stick to a Schedule.

With late night presentations and weekend opens and auctions, agents are known for their hectic schedules and varied hours. While there are a lot of scheduling hiccups beyond your control, it is important to prioritise prospecting on a daily basis. Experiment with your schedule and find what works for you, but set aside two hours each day to focus on prospecting. Many agents like to focus on prospecting initiatives in the morning between 9-11 am, this can be a good time to make phone calls, update social media posts and ask for referrals. Treat this prospecting time as you would any other important appointment and stick with it!

Celebrate the “No.”

Some of the fear surrounding real estate prospecting is the discomfort of rejection. Part of being an agent is being told “No, thanks” sometimes, and that’s okay! Think of every “no” you hear as bringing you one step closer to the next “YES!” And remember to be courteous and friendly, because sometimes when people say “no” what they really mean is “not yet” or “I need more information.” The key here is to avoid taking these conversations personally. Remember, real estate is a numbers game and the more people you talk to, the more viable leads you’ll gain and the more sales you’ll make. Stay positive!

Take Care of Your Prospects.

As you make connections, it’s important to remember to nurture those relationships so they can thrive. Remember all those “no, thanks” that really mean “not yet”? Those prospects will require the service of a real estate professional some day and you want to be the one they go to. Add your prospects to your database and continue to keep in touch with them with monthly e-Newsletters, direct mail, and even wishing them a happy birthday. Like any relationship, your prospects require attention. Use a CRM to keep in touch with these leads and stay top of mind.

Get Creative!

As I mentioned before, not every prospecting method is right for every agent. Choose your strategy and have fun with it!

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