AI to change consumer habits

In this episode we welcome Simon Baker to the show. Simon is a visionary leader in the business world, renowned for his exceptional insights and accomplishments. He is an active investor in and consultant to many different Proprech companies worldwide which allows him to demonstrate a deep understanding of global markets and a remarkable ability to navigate the challenges they present. 

In this far reaching discussion with Simon, Daniel Streek and Kevin Turner are able to ask him about AI – he likens the impact of AI on our industry as being similar to the transition from press marketing to internet portal marketing and explains how AI fits in to create the next evolution as consumers are taken on a journey of search – match – discovery and tell.  

We touch on ChatGPT and social selling and here Simon argues that we are wasting money by spending up to 10 thousand dollars on the two big portals to chase top spot and a big ad.  He says it is not a good investment.   

You might find it particularly interesting as he addresses the much discussed industry discontent with the power of the 2 big portals, their cost impact on the need for larger VPA and the reasons the industry may never be able to regain that control back again. 

Sit back and stay glued for the full interview as a very relaxed Simon Baker talks to us from his home in the Caribbean.   We will be back in a moment with Simon Baker

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