Realty and REIP have joined forces

Realty and REIP have joined forces to add significant value to the property platform space.

Real Estate Industry Partners (REIP) is pleased to announce a new partnership with, the first socially intelligent property marketing platform. 

The tech company is reinventing the real estate space by enabling a new platform to expose listings to the 15 million monthly Facebook users – pairing industry talent with technology. 

The creation of 500 geo-mapped Facebook pages has facilitated each listing to post organically to the desired social media feed. 

This free service is helping agents and sellers expand their reach and target both active and passive buyers through online social platforms.  


What is a geo-mapped Facebook page? 

Facebook location targeting is a powerful online feature to reach specific users in certain geographic locations via social media. The curated geo-mapped Facebook pages are effectively a pre-built audience that is untappable with traditional real estate portals. 


In January, Australia had 20.5 million social media users, with 15 million Facebook users per week. Realty has created socially intelligent technology that provides a new approach to reaching this untapped market. 

The one-of-a-kind platform currently hosts 3,000 agencies. 

Users have the option and ability to add a budget to their listing and increase exposure by boosting their posts on social media channels – all integrated into the Realty platform. 

Special Reporting gives agents and clients a detailed understanding of who is viewing each listing. This information can be provided to the agency to then consider retargeting and remarketing to the specific viewers. Traditional portals inhibit sharing such analytics.  

Realty Board Member Michael Sheargold said this platform is what the profession has been looking for. 

“A new and fresh approach to connecting agents, properties, and consumers where they are  ‘living’,” he said. 

“As we say at Realty – people don’t go online they live online. 

“With Realty’s Social Search Activation Strategy as a platform gives agencies the ability to  enhance their social media presence with ease.” 

Mr. Sheargold is excited about the partnership with REIP and the changes it will mean for the industry as a whole.  

“This dramatically speeds up the opportunity to help their member agencies tap into the social feeds of their potential clients,” he said. 

“We are looking forward to what this means to the profession and clients long-term.”  

REIP CEO, Sadhana Smiles said partnering with Realty will help to define and encourage a  more cost-effective, seamless, and interactive real estate marketing system. 

“Realty is a platform which is tapping into an untouched landscape, an area which buyers and sellers plus landlords and tenants will benefit hugely,” Ms. Smiles said. 

“Traditional portals provide the results to active house hunters, while the Realty platform  offers both traditional portal search functions plus modern technology via social media,  targeting a much wider reach.”  

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