Real Estate is hardest ‘easy’ job going

This week I am talking to Jet Xavier about his Wellness and Wellbeing Study into the Real Estate Industry.

I will be the first one to confess that I didn’t believe it was so critical.  I have always known that we have to deal with a lot of failure and rejection, that so few professionals ever become ‘superstars’ and that, while it looks easy, it is anything but a walk in the park. But the results Jet is now able to reveal are staggering.

Here is an example:

  • 47% report symptoms of anxiety either often or always
  • 65% say they are stressed
  • 35% have had to seek medical advice for work related stress
  • 46% believe work often impacts their personal life
  • 25% experience symptoms of burnout
  • 23% say they have no time to pursue interests outside real estate
  • 28% have no hobbies or interests to balance work
  • 40% feel overwhelmed by the demands of the job
  • 26% use alcohol to cope with stress

Have we made too much of the heroes?  Not everyone wants to be a million dollar performer.  Why can’t we be content with achieving at our best and celebrating our own successes?

As Jet points out in his report, there is a stigma attached to wellness, wellbeing and mental health which is amplified by the competitive nature of the business.

According to Jet’s research, here are some compelling reasons why, as an industry, we need to take this more seriously:

  • Employees are three times more productive than unhealthy employees
  • Healthy employees take nine times less sick leave
  • The healthiest employees work approximately 143 effective hours per month compared to 249 effective hours per month by the least healthy employees

So how do we stack up as an industry?


Room for improvement?  I think so.

Listen here to Jets segments in REUNCUT and get his report here.

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