An opportunity to invest in the real estate future of Australia
Socially responsible investing is not a new term, however it’s about to be opened up to a whole new audience. Property platform Next Address is the next Australian business announcing its raise on new equity platform, Birchal. Expressions of interest open on May 3rd 2018, giving the general public the opportunity to invest in a game-changing business for buying and selling real estate in Australia.
Hailing from the same team who brought you Pozible, Birchal is one of the first platforms that allows everyday Australians to buy shares directly in private and unlisted companies.
Next Address are changing the way we buy and sell property in Australia by directly connecting buyers to sellers. The Next Address team have created a new vision of the real estate model by focusing on a truly community-minded marketplace in every sense.
The Founder of Next Address, Julie O’Donohue’s own experience working in real estate led her to create a platform that is transparent, offers a more affordable way of buying and selling property, saving people time and putting the customer in complete control.
“Australia’s inflated property market is overwhelming, and so is the traditional process of buying and selling a home, with many people feeling frustrated with high costs, inaccurate property valuations, and a lack of communication.” Julie said.
“Next Address is essentially online dating for the property world that directly matches buyers to properties on the site through a smart algorithm and maximising the power of social media and the internet’s sharing economy opportunities. “Julie added.
The partnership with Birchal will allow Next Address to expand rapidly and pair equity investment with rewards. Part of the Next Address approach, is that they will donate six per cent of net profits to charities, which are rotated every six months and selected by users on the site.
“This is an exciting time as crowdfunding provides all Australians, who traditionally haven’t had easy access to the investment opportunity, exposure to innovative creative start-ups such as Next Address”, says Julie.
The co-founder and CEO of Birchal, Alan Crabbe says “Next Address is disrupting an industry that’s controlled by a few big players. I believe Birchal and Equity Crowdfunding can help newer marketplaces like NextAddress mobilise communities and accelerate the growth of their start-up and company.”
Individuals are now able to invest in Next Address for as little as $250. Expressions of interest open on May 3rd 2018 at

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