How much will a bedroom add value to a home?

As the number of bedrooms in a home increases, so too does its value. This may seem fairly obvious, but the other question you may be asking is, does your location factor into this? The short answer is, yes!

Will a bedroom add value to a home?

We’ve knuckled down the numbers and compiled a list of the median value of homes in your suburb, based on the number of bedrooms the home has.  So if you are looking to renovate, are hunting for a new home or just curious to know will a bedroom add value to a home, you’ve come to the right place. There will always be variants and risks when it comes to adding a bedroom such as blow-out costs, and it can be difficult to assess exactly what type of gains your could expect. However, this guide can work as a great starting point in your research.
Check out the tables below to view the home values in your suburb. Don’t forget to check the property value of your own home via View’s Property 360 tool as well!
A bedroom with plenty of natural light and grey carpet


New South Wales



South Australia


Western Australia

Northern Territory

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