Life inside a clock + Australasia’s biggest garage + From freefall to boom and more!

Michelle Delaney, CEO of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Australia, joins Kevin Turner in this week’s episode of Property News Update!
Tune in as they discuss the following property stories:

  • Best friends build their own tiny town. Have you ever thought to just “take a break and get away from everything” on a particularly bad day? Well, these best friends have actually achieved it and built their own tiny economic-friendly town.
  • Freefall to boom – what the hell is going on? It wasn’t so long ago when we were worried about just how low property prices will go… now they’re rising again! Some are even saying the Australian property market is heading towards a ‘mini-boom’.
  • The body corp sinking feeling. Most Queenslanders wonder how much is in the body corporate sinking fund when they buy a unit. Unfortunately, the balance is only half the story. The more telling part is how much should be in the body corporate sinking fund.
  • Australasia’s biggest garage. The new contender for Australasia’s biggest garage makes Sydney’s giant 22-car garage… look like a large carport. Located in the Noosa hinterland, this 29 vehicle garage sits on 39.63 hectares and needs to be seen to be believed.
  • Life inside a clock. A repurposed historical clock tower has just gone up for sale as an elegant penthouse in San Francisco. The registered landmark, constructed in 1097, has a four-storey penthouse apartment for sale at $6 million.

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