From having only $600 in his pocket to buying The Ritz Plaza – Ofer Yardeni

Ofer Yardeni is the chairman and CEO of Stonehenge NYC, a successful Manhattan-based real estate company that owns a portfolio of properties in Manhattan valued at approximately $2.1 billion.
But he wasn’t always a chairman and CEO. Several years earlier, Ofer was an immigrant from Israel, an ex-soldier who wanted to finish his studies in New York after watching Animal House. He thought that his stay in the Big Apple would be short – go to NY, finish studies, and go back to Israel to teach – but life had other plans for Ofer.
Learn how he took matters into his own hands and managed to not only survive, but succeed in New York’s crazy 90’s real estate market. Learn his story and the factors that contributed to his success in Michael Stoler’s Building NY.

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