2 thoughts on “Common Investor Mistakes No 16 – Waiting till you know enough or it is the right time

  1. Angelique says:

    Hi, we have one week left on our marketing campaign for an auction to sell a Bondi Beach apartment but only two contracts are out?
    Does this mean we are looking at a possible pass in at auction?
    The mirror image (less recent work) apartment next door sold in April for 1.44million, do you think the market is the same as April 2015 as current August 2015? If only two bidders are there, perhaps we won’t get the April price? Thoughts?

    1. Kevin Turner says:

      Hi Angelique
      What is the agent saying to you about the feedback? Remember only one person can buy it so technically you only need one person. The market in your area is hot right now so I would imagine with good marketing and a good agent you should be OK> All the best.

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