Break up with your rental – Bernice Ross

This week, Bernice Ross chats with Broker-Owner of ACME Real Estate and TV Personality Courtney Poulos! She is also the author of “Break Up with Your Rental”, a book that helps women overcome their mental blocks and arms them with practical and applicable tools for their own journey into the world of real estate.
In this powerful and fast-paced session of Real Estate Coach, Courtney outlines why investing in real estate trumps building your retirement through a 401K, the critical steps for anyone planning to embark on their first purchase or investment property and more.
Here’s a quick rundown of what they will be discussing:

  • The magic of most generic brand name ever, “ACME Real Estate”, and why it works for her clients.
  • What stops women from owning real estate and how to overcome these obstacles
  • The investment options you need to know before you buy
  • The same practices experts use when it comes to: down payment, pre-approval, and using external resources
  • How to purchase your first home or invest in your first property

And more!

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