Brand building on Facebook

Many users of social media do not know the difference between a Facebook Ad and a Post that has been boosted.   For the majority of Facebook users, it is not important but for those wanting to build a brand on Facebook, it will make or break a marketing strategy if they don’t understand the difference and use the correct tools in the most effective manner.  In a nutshell, here are the differences.

Facebook Ads

The biggest giveaway in identifying a Facebook Ad is that ads will always carry notifications like “Sponsored Content” somewhere in the ad itself.  It is something you might not even notice because of how it is represented.  That of course is the purpose because Facebook wants it to look like part of your regular feed.  However, the really big difference is something you will not easily see – if at all – because it is what makes Facebook Ads so powerful for marketers and it is hidden.  

Facebook ads come with a range of analytic benefits for the ‘advertiser’.  Analytics allow brands (the advertiser) to track ad engagement and define campaign goals.  The reporting will allow the advertiser to re-target the user based on the information Facebook knows about them such as age, gender, location, and interests among other things.  Every time a user is on Facebook, they leave a trail of crumbs that Facebook will pick up on as they develop a profile about the user.

Facebook ads also can carry other attractive ad additions designed to attract the user’s attention and have you click on the ad for more information. At the end of the day, Facebook ads are designed to gather leads, direct you to a website and generally promote products.   For real estate agents, ads allow for a buyer or seller to connect directly with an agent and start a relationship.

One thing to note with Facebook Ads is they will need to be reviewed by Facebook before release and, when released, will not stay in a News Feed indefinitely.  In most cases when a user clicks on the ad, or after a period of time (usually days) the ad will disappear.

Boosted Posts

Facebook posts are what most users are used to seeing in their news feed. A regular post can be boosted by allocating a small or large amount of money, so it reaches a larger number of users or is seen more often by users who are likely to engage with its content.

The reason most real estate agents like boosting posts are because they already know they are on a winner.  Most agents will boost posts after they already have audience engagement data, making it possible to boost posts they already know perform well with their audience.

The downside with organic posts (boosted or not) is they can only appear in the news feeds of people who already “like” your page. If someone hasn’t “liked” your page, they won’t see your organic post unless they go searching for it.   However, Facebook Ads are different as they have the potential to be seen by everyone on Facebook, regardless of whether or not those people have “liked” your page.

The Facebook Ad Manager built into Realty enables agents, or property owners selling a property, to specifically target an audience with boosted posts.   A real estate brand, real estate office or individual agent can easily build a low-cost brand-building campaign using the unique tools developed by socially intelligent property platform Realty.

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