Ask the Experts: Properties and Retirement | Live off my properties | A few tax tips. October 2015

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This month I’ve invited 2 of our regular experts to help answer a number of common questions we get asked by listeners of our weekly Real Estate Talk show.
If other property investors wondered about these matters literary relevance to you also.
The questions I have chosen will benefit you whether you’re a beginning investor wondering how to avoid the pitfalls others have fallen into, or if you’re an experienced investor wanting to get an edge.
Our property markets are changing in front of our eyes so I’m sure you’ll get great benefit from this program as I speak with:
Ken Raiss, a director of Chan & Naylor, Australia’s leading national property tax specialists, business accountants and wealth advisory group.
Michael Yardney, of Metropole Property Strategists who’s once again been voted Australia’s leading property educator and mentor.

Some of the topics we discuss include:

  • The most important aspect of property investing.
  • What it really means to treat property investing like a business – and it’s probably not what you thought.
  • What separates successful investors from the pack
  • How many properties do you need to retire?
  • How do you choose which name to buy a property in?
  • What do you do if you’ve bought your property in the wrong entity?
  • How can I live off my properties?
  • A few tax tips.

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