Why the rich are getting Richer

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Just in case you hadn’t noticed, the rich are getting richer.
But why is this so and what can we learn from the rich so we can work our way up the ranks?
That’s one of the questions I ask 2 experts in this field:

  • Michael Yardney, who’s often called Australia’s leading expert in wealth creation through property.
  • And… Tom Corley a bestselling author and CPA based in the USA who spent 5 years studying the difference between being rich and poor.

Some of the other topics we discuss in this interview include:

  • Why Australia is often ranked as one of richest nations in the world
  • Tom Corley’s research into the habits of the rich
  • Why only 4% of the poor become rich
  • The most powerful habits the rich had in terms of creating wealth and success.
  • How we can pass on rich habits to our children.

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