Where is the property clock + Avoiding scammers + Where have all the houses gone and more

Bricks & Mortar Media director Kieran Clair is back with Kevin Turner in this week’s episode of Property News Update.
Tune in for these stories:
Where is the property clock?
Independent property valuers Herron Todd White’s analysis reveals where Australian cities’ property markets stand based on what they call as “property clock”.
Avoiding scammers
Don’t be duped. Real estate is no stranger to scams and scammers.
Where have all the houses gone?
Property sale listings have increased according to realestate.co.nz but they’re not enough to meet buyer demands.
Australia up there as least affordable
Demographia puts Australia in the most expensive housing market list.
Real Estate Porn
Dream big and make it real! A three-story beachfront luxury villa known as Sea of Dreams is now up on sale.

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