What You Focus on Grows

This week we are pleased to welcome back one of our favorite guests, Kim Ades, the President and founder of Frame of Mind Coaching. Kim is the author of the book, What You Focus on Grows. She just released the second edition in which she completely revamped the entire content. On today’s show, Kim shares some of the highlights from the second edition of her book. Here’s what she’ll be covering: 

  • Why people who achieve very large goals often look at life’s problems, struggles, and challenges through a slightly different lens. 
  • Steps to take if you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed.   
  • How to reframe your thinking to rid yourself of the negative labels that hold you back.  
  • The importance of feedback and how to stop worrying about what you might hear.  
  • When it comes to relationships, why it’s smart to focus on what’s good and right about them rather than what’s wrong. 

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