We Work to We Live + Grand Designs, not so grand returns + The agent they wrote a song about and more!

Matthew Shepherd, PropertyTV’s new business development chief, joins Kevin Turner in this week’s episode of Property News Update! Tune in as they discuss the following property stories from around the world:

  • We Work – now We Live. Living and working in NYC doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. With We Live, entrepreneurs can now have a business profile when they book at their convenient fully furnished Wall Street apartment building.
  • Cities profit from strong leadership. Urban renewal and infrastructure projects in these strategically-chosen cities in Australia are set to unlock economic development potential; always a good thing for real estate. Townsville, Launceston, Western Sydney, Darwin, Hobart, Geelong, Adelaide
  • Grand Designs – not so grand returns. Small investors who sank millions of pounds into property guru Kevin McCloud’s eco-friendly housing ventures have been told they could face losing up to 97% of their money.
  • What’s your property personality? Real estate agent Sirah Robb swears that certain properties attract a certain type of person. “Clean lines often attract detailed, methodical people, while eccentric people tend to be drawn to properties that seem cluttered or strange,” she says.
  • The agent they wrote a song about. The Knack’s huge hit song, My Sharona, rose to the top of the charts forty years ago. Little do most people know that the song was about then 17-year old Sharona Alperin, one of Los Angeles’ top real estate agents today.

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