We got fooled – and it was the highlight of the week!

  1. Rent free home hurdles
    • VIDEO applications, an interview with four CEOs and you have to be sustainably minded – but not too sustainably minded. Could this rent-free Melbourne home have the nation’s toughest tenancy application? Check it out! 
  2. NIMBYs costing Aussies billions
    • So-called ‘nimbyism’ is stunting the growth of Australian cities and remains at the glowing centre of the housing affordability debate. Read more
  3. House values slump
    • Australian dwelling values hold firm in March with regional values recording a 0.4% rise, helping to offset a 0.2% fall across the combined capital city markets.
  4. More than 80 per cent of homes selling at a loss
    • FIVE years ago, investors from all over Australia were scrambling to snap up a property in this idyllic city. But now it’ll cost you to leave. Check it out
  5. Sydney’s first underwater house sells –
    •  SYDNEYSIDERS can’t get enough of real estate, but this development has taken things to a whole new level. In an Australian first, an Aussie family have bought into an exclusive new underwater development. Check it out

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