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PropertyTV had the honour of broadcasting live from the biggest real estate conference on the planet recently and we are still trying to absorb the information that came flooding our way.  We give you a taste of that as we catch up with PropertyTV’s Editor Stephen Sharry.
Kevin:   Well, next week in the show, we’ll be featuring a number of interviews that we conducted while we were in New York at the Inman Conference. A huge number of people, in fact, it’s the biggest real estate conference in the world. We were pleased to be there and broadcast live for three days. All of that, of course, is available for you to watch now on propertytv.io. Propertytv.io. Go and check it out.
Kevin:   The reason I’m mentioning that is because one of the fellow directors from Switch Media accompanied us on that trip, Stephen Sharry who is also the editor for Property TV. Stephen, thanks for your time.
Stephen:   Not a problem, Kevin. How are you?
Kevin:   Yeah, good, it was a great experience. And, next week, our entire show will, as I said, contain a lot of those interviews that we did while we were in New York. It was a tremendous experience. For me, the first time I’ve ever been to the States, having worked in real estate for so long, just to see the differences, the stark differences, between Australia and America, with real estate.
Stephen:   Well, Kevin, you know, you forgot to mention the biggest different between Australia and New York, and that’s the cold.
Kevin:   Yes, well, that, too.
Stephen:   You can’t ignore -7 degrees now, can you?
Kevin:   Well, it’s amazing to be sitting in Australia, in the heat, and I saw a post not long before I went that said that Australia recorded the top 10 hottest places in the world on that particular day, and then to go to -7, it was somewhat of a shock, even for a 22-hour plane flight, yeah.
Stephen:   But, it’s a great place, Kevin, it’s a great location for a conference, and the Inman Conference is just one of the best because it’s so focused. It’s basically focused on technology, but there’s a lot of peripheral around the edges, so, even if you’re not particularly interested in technology, there’s something for everybody.
Kevin:   Yes, you’re right. It’s not totally technology-focused, but, it does actually contain a lot of that. But, it was also good for me the trends that we’re seeing, and how real estate agents are working, or how consumers are relating to real estate agents now, Stephen. There was a lot of time spent on that.
Stephen:   Yeah, the U.S. market works a little bit differently to Australia. In some aspects, they’re behind Australia, and in others, they’re way ahead. They use, pretty much in the larger agencies, CRM systems.
Kevin:   Customer relationship management, yeah.
Stephen:   Yeah. I think it’s ahead of many of the Australian operations, but, when you have a look at their signage and the way they work their clients, Australia is right up there.
Kevin:   Even though Australia may be ahead in some areas, the challenges facing agents and consumers, both buyers and sellers, are pretty much the same, Australia and America, Stephen.
Stephen:   You know, with the current market, as well, Kevin, we’ve got a softening market in Australia, as we know, but it’s also in the U.S. and in the U.K., although Australia, I think, is outstripping both of them currently in the percentages of softening.
Stephen:   But, apart from that, the U.S. and Australia are very similar, and the U.S., surprisingly, look to Australia for some direction in some processes within real estate. You know, particularly where we’re got a single agent for both buyer and seller, whereas, in the States, they still predominantly have a buyer’s agent and a seller’s agent, so that’s one of the biggest differences.
Kevin:   Yes, and you’re quite right about that, too. They find that quite fascinating, how there is no conflict of interest. And, it is something we’ve debated quite often, but, in Australia, and in other parts of the world, too, we do that quite successfully.
Kevin:   There was another interesting aspect to it, and when we were over there, prior to going there, we developed an auction series, which is seven episodes talking to leading agents and auctioneers about how auctions work. That series, by the way, is still available on propertytv.io. But, we made that available to American agents, because they look at auction totally different. They look at it as a last resort if you can’t sell it, or, if you put your property to auction, you’re a desperate seller. They were interested to see how we approach it, Stephen.
Stephen:   Yeah, I think no one’s ever really explained to them the in-depth theory behind the auction process, and I think they’re a little bit averse to get out there on the bleeding edge. But, some agencies are starting to play with it, Kevin, and quite successfully. And I think once they understand how it works and work the system, it benefits the seller and the buyer and the agent, so everybody wins.
Kevin:   Yeah. The programmes like, channels like Property TV, bringing this world closer together, we’re sharing a huge amount of information, and we’re very pleased to be a part of that world. Propertytv.io.
Kevin:   Our guest this time has been the editor of Property TV, Stephen Sharry Stephen, thanks for your time.
Stephen:   Not a problem, Kevin. Look forward to talking to you soon.

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