VIDEO – Who do you trust? – Ben Kingsley and Rich Harvey

With so many experts, advisors, commentators, market analysists out there, where do you turn to get the best information?  There are so many other factors to consider.   Joining me to discuss just how you can work out who you can trust – 2 very trustworthy gentlemen – Rich Harvey, President of the Real Estate Buyers Agents Assn and Ben Kingsley – chair of Property Investment Professionals of Aust.   Both featured in the latest issue of Your Investment Property magazine in an article they have called “Who Do You Trust”

  • Can you trust buyers agents?
  • How do we know they are working in our best interests?
  • What are the signs to watch out for that you might be coming under the spell of someone whose intentions are not pure?
  • What questions do you should you ask before committing to someone?

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