VIDEO – Time To Stop Resisting And Start Persisting – Bernice Ross

bernice-rossWould you like to have a more successful real estate business and happier and more fulfilling personal life?  What if you could achieve these goals not by working harder, but by optimising your brain’s performance, embracing your strengths, increasing your resilience, and being in the right place at the right time more often?real

If you’re ready to increase your Persistence Quotient (PQ) and to start resisting those temptations that block you from achieving the goals that matter most to you, here is the answer.  Kevin catches up with the author of The PQ Factor – Bernice Ross to discuss:

  • the seven steps in the PERSIST modelpq_factor_f_sm_2
  • simple steps to put your brain into peak performance mode
  • easy ways to overcome procrastination
  • what makes optimism so important in having a healthy life and successful business

Watch this 10 minute video NOW!

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