VIDEO – How to choose the best agent to work with.

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I would like to share a few more classic seller mistakes I’ve noticed.  When it comes to appointing the agent who you will work with, hopefully you will have taken the time to choose the best real estate agent.  How do you know that they are in fact the best? That’s the million-dollar question.
You need to feel comfortable with the agent but it’s also important that they are good at what they do or at least their actions will be matched by their promises. Sometimes you don’t know that until after the appointment. But there are some signs you can be aware of before you agree to engage them, signs that might give you an indication they’re not quite as good as they’re making out to be.
Make sure before you agree to sign an agreement that you test their ability to follow you up. Don’t make it too easy for them. Make them “sell you” on engaging them. After all the agent you are appointing needs to be good at following up buyers, selling your property and negotiating. Get the agent to make a commitment to follow you up. Make sure there’s a time frame attached to that commitment and then see how well they meet their deadline. This will give you a good indication about how they will follow-up anyone who shows interest in your property.
Think of engaging the agent as if you are employing someone. They need to prove to you that they are worthy of securing your business. The engagement of the agent is, I believe one of the most important decisions you will make when selling your property.  Even more important than the method of sale or the asking price.
The agent can make or break your experience and in so doing achieve a great result or leave you feeling that you under sold your property by being poorly represented.  But sometimes, as we all know, circumstances change. Perhaps you misjudged the person, or perhaps the agent has other priorities on his or her mind. In any case, you should have the right to fire the agent.
Also, you should have the right to select another agent of your choosing if it doesn’t work out. Many real estate companies will simply replace an agent with another one, without even consulting you. Be sure to have control over your situation before signing a real estate appointment.  Give yourself the authority to terminate the agreement or change the agent if you’re not happy during the agreement period.

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