VIDEO – Do open homes really work or are they a security risk?

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Some sellers question the value of having open homes.  I have even heard concerns about security. A good agent will take names of those who attend the open homes then make sure the property is secured before they leave.  A common complaint is that open homes mostly attract neighbors and sticky beaks who are looking for decorating ideas or who want to keep up on property values in the neighborhood or even just plain nosy they want to see inside your home.
While that is true, it’s not harmful to the marketing of your home. In fact it can even help. Neighbors often know people who are interested in moving into the area. A neighbour who casually walks through your home during an open house – with no particular agenda – could turn out to be the ultimate buyer.
There’s no way to know how a property sells.  Your agent might introduce the buyer from a database, the buyer might see the listing on the Internet with a video, in a newspaper ad, or at an open house. They could be out walking or just visiting the area and they’ll see your sign.  That’s why it’s important your marketing plan covers it all.  A plan that relies solely on the Internet will not reach people who aren’t tech-savvy. A plan that relies only on open houses won’t reach buyers who’ve gone away for the weekend.
Broad-based exposure will make more buyers aware that your home is for sale.  Generally, the more interest your agent can generate for your home, the higher will be the ultimate selling price. By using open homes strategically rather than indiscriminately, you have a powerful marketing tool to use when you start marketing or you have adjusted the price.
It’s a good strategy to vary the times of your open homes to make sure you’re getting the best advantage. If your home has great views of the city think about the Twilight open or if your home is on a busy road think about having open home when people are driving either to or from work because it is likely they’d see that as an advantage saving on some driving time.
Another advantage in having open homes as part of your marketing strategy is that you’ll be attracting buyers who don’t necessarily want to be taken to properties by an agent. They would much rather do it at their own pace. Make sure you take advantage of every opportunity to expose your property to as many buyers as possible and part of that strategy should be open homes.

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