VIDEO – Death and Property – Daniel Hirsh

One reality in life that we all have to face is the fact that we will die one day. Basically, when somebody passes away, they are no longer around to control how the risks are dealt with – they need a voice – and that voice comes in a form of a will which is that person’s wish list of how their assets and liabilities need to be treated after they die. An article that helps us face that reality is featured in the latest Your Investment Property magazine. The author who is also the owner of Consult Solicitors in Melbourne, Daniel Hirsh shares with us his thoughts about the significance of having adequate succession plan, what goes in it and the consequences involved.

4 thoughts on “VIDEO – Death and Property – Daniel Hirsh

  1. John Marsh says:

    I read your comments about the markets and in particular perth and I wish I had your confidence.
    About 8 yrs ago I bought an investment property ( through an expert ), today if I sold I would be lucky if I got my money back. In fact you can buy the same house new for about 50k less.
    I am selling up all my properties and will rent at least I will know my fixed costs. I am 77 and live in Thailand.

    1. Kevin Turner says:

      Hi John. Don’t blame the market for that. It was the poor advice you received from the ‘expert’. That is a good warning for others. Kevin

  2. A great interview Kevin! Daniel makes many interesting points about having an estate plan in place before it’s too late. Definitely having the right team of lawyers, accountants and financial planners is the key to getting it right. Unfortunately many people rely on the cheap ‘post office’ will to manage what can be a very complex scenario, and many more people don’t even have a will at all! The best thing you can do for your family is to get your estate planning done while you can. They’ll thank you for it one day!

    1. Kevin Turner says:

      I totally agree Max. It is such a relief when you have it in place. Kevin

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