VIDEO – Are property values about to crash? + Who can you trust for the best advice? – Michael Beresford

With so many negative articles in the press lately, what do investors really need to know about the property market now?   Michael Beresford is the Director of Investment Services at Open Corp – a robust organization that helps clients build their A team of professionals and brings property knowledge and know-how through strong research and education. He talks about what is actually happening with the property market at the moment and also shares with us his thoughts on who we can trust for the best advice.
In this video you will also learn:

  • If property values are about to collapse
  • What Michael would say to a couple who earn $100K per year and rent to help them get into property
  • The ideal path forward for those who wish to get on the property ladder
  • The tell-tale signs of trustworthy operators in the property field

Here is a link to the special Market Update Report mentioned in the video.  Secure your copy now.

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