VIDEO – An overlooked property sector gives BIG returns

The ‘Small is the New Big’ formula called HI RES, teaches investors how to turn a healthy profit by investing in one of the most overlooked segments of the market.   We talk to Ian Ugarte about how he sees this sector and how he is helping others develop highly profitable portfolios.
In the 15 minute video you will learn:

  • How Ian started investing in property
  • How he manages to do it full time
  • Why we have an affordability issue in this country
  • What is an upside down market place?
  • The fastest growing demographics of homelessness in Australia and why
  • Are high yields and affordable housing a contradiction?
  • What the HI RES system is all about and how to get started

To find out more, download your free report on High Yield Opportunities in Affordable Housing.

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