Victorians flee to Qld Property Market

Victorian buyers snapping up Queensland property sight unseen

Victorian property buyers are driving up demand for Queensland homes as COVID refugees free from Southern states, according to property experts Universal Buyers Agents.

Universal Buyers Agents founding director Darren Piper said as many as one in four enquiries are from Victorians or New South Wales buyers looking for Queensland homes.

“Often these buyers are purchasing sight unseen,” Mr. Piper said.

“We’ve had numerous buyers purchase homes across Brisbane, The Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast purely over FaceTime.

“It’s a whole new ball game.

Mr. Piper said COVID-19 has accelerated interstate migration and anticipates even more Sydney, and Melbourne residents will make the move to the Sunshine Coast when restrictions ease.

“We’ve seen enquiry skyrocket since COVID hit this year and with the ongoing lockdown and outbreaks in Victoria and New South Wales, we’re seeing that demand continue to grow,” Mr. Piper said.

“At the moment the one thing holding those buyers back is the border restrictions. “Once those are eased, I expect to see enquiry skyrocket driving up property prices in

Universal Buyers Agents most recently purchased a property for a Melbourne couple, sight unseen in Stafford in the mid $700,00 range.

“The increase in interest has coincided with a lot of off-market activity where sellers are choosing to test out the market and sell offline through a network of real estate agents.

“We have access to the largest off-market property database in Queensland so the couple asked us to put forward the best investment for them to help relocate from Victoria.

“It was done completely over FaceTime.”

Mr Piper said the fallout from the pandemic, increase in people working from home and new social drivers have changed buyer’s perspectives.

“Previously you’d rarely find buyers happy to buy sight unseen but that’s becoming the new normal,” he said.

“Buyers are also less concerned about being right in the city. With so many working from home they’re far more interested in the lifestyle or more space to feel comfortable in their home.”

Mr Piper said buyer’s agencies like Universal Buyers Agents were a great choice for those who are looking interstate and may be unfamiliar with the market.

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