Victorian commissions at risk + Three Sydney lies + Property Investment Advice

Victorian commissions at risk
Lawyers acting for Victorian vendors have successfully argued in Court that an agent was not entitled to the commission payment because the Exclusive Sales Authority form used “did not comply” with the Estate Agents Act… READ MORE
Land banking tax incentives axed
While property was mostly off the radar in the Federal Budget last week, the government did propose changes to vacant land tax incentives in a bid to deter land banking…READ MORE
The three lies Sydney people tell themselves
Not only people who live in Sydney, but most people tend to rationalise a decision to buy in a particular area or live in a city.  We look at some of the light-hearted excuses. …READ MORE
Property Investment Advice Should Be Regulated
The Royal Commission has highlighted the need for property investment advice regulation, amidst the myriad revelations of dodgy operators and unsound financial advice, according to the Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA). … READ MORE

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