The Ins and Outs of “Rent to Own”

This week we’re happy to welcome Zachary Beach, the COO of Zach joins us this week with a fascinating session on rent-to-own. While this model has been around for many years, Zach’s company has perfected how to use it to meet the critical needs of buyers who cannot qualify for a conforming loan because they’re not a W-2 employee, credit issues, or issues documenting their income. Rent-to-own can be a winning model for both the agents and their clients, provided the transaction is done properly with the proper legal oversight and forms. Here’s what Zach will be covering on today’s show:

  •         The difference between “lease to own” vs. “lease option,” “flipping,” and “wholesaling.”
  •         Where to locate “lease to own” buyers and sellers.
  •         How lease-to-own works in almost every price range, including many luxury properties.
  •         How to profit from “the spread.”
  •         Caveats and best practices to avoid problems.
  •         The types of contracts you will need and how to protect all parties in the transaction.