The Importance of a Pre-sale Building Pest Inspection

What does a Pre-Sale Building Pest Inspection Include?
It is important to know the condition of the house before putting it out in the market, which is where a pre-sale building pest inspection comes in to the picture.
This helps examine and judge whatever pest infestation problems exist in the house whether big or small to ensure it is in good condition and all the problems are given solutions before it is put for sale.
The cost of treatment for the pest infestations or the repairing cost for any damage caused by pests can be taken into consideration while negotiations are made on the price of the property.

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Importance of a pre-sale pest inspection:
It is essential for any vendor to ensure that their property is worth the financial investment to any potential buyer and to also make sure that their property is well presented to. This removes any possible obstructions to the ideal sale.
The sale procedure can be highly boosted by any supporting reports of pest inspections being presented to buyers. It would be a great disappointment for a sale of ideal price to be unsuccessful just because there was a certain pest infection that you were ignorant about and the potential buyer found out.
The advantages of conducting a building pest inspection before purchase

  • Protect your property from damage

Do not underestimate the damage that can be caused to your home by the simplest pest infestations that you were unaware about until now.
The decay of wood or asbestos is some of the most common results of pest infestations. A pest infestation is like slow poison to the life of your home and can cause your home to fall apart with time.
To be on the safe side it is always better to find out if there are any pest infestations even in the smallest detail before proceeding with putting your house on the market.
Pre-sale building pest inspections helps ensure there is no potential threat of pest infestations and guarantee the price you wish to get for your home.

  • Avoid unexpected expenses and wastage of time

Unwanted and unexpected expenses can be easily avoided by simply conducting a pre-sale pest inspection to ensure that a home owner does not end up having a hole in the pocket for just fixing the damage and treating pest infestations.
It is better to conduct a pre-sale pest inspection to ensure that there are no hidden problems. So, in order to save valuable time and money on useless expenses, it’s best to have a pre-sale pest infestation.

  • Achieve negotiation power over the purchase price

One of the chief benefits of conducting a building pest inspection prior to the sale is that it gives you a clear idea of the actual value of the building in terms of sturdiness and also whether pests are eating into your investment at that very moment.
By uncovering the present condition of the building as well as its past-history you as a buyer are in a better position to negotiate the price of the building and can even get it to the price you want with the help of this valid point on pre-sale pest inspection.
However, the key to this is to have the pest inspection done by a reputed pest control service in Melbourne.

  • The satisfaction of making a valuable purchase

You’re making the purchase to probably live in the apartment or as investment and in both cases you’ll want to be sure of the fact that you’ve made a wise decision and haven’t stored your money in a pocket with holes.
Even if you plan to rent out the apartment you’ll have to maintain it and keep it pest-free so that your tenants are happy. And the one-stop solution to this big question on whether you have made the right decision is by getting a pre-sale inspection done.
It will also set your mind at ease that the building is sturdy on the whole.
What does a pre-sale inspection report tell you?


 Usually the report is one of multiple pages that thoroughly list out the details of nooks, corners, niches, storage areas and whether they currently house a pest infestation or pose conditions that might attract pests.
What’s more the report also suggests whether the building has had a previous history of infestations that might have weakened the structure.
It includes a check on the timber, drainage, water pipes, wood conditions, etc. and can also include certain legal documents.
Questions to ask inspectors

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Any skilled pest inspector would look out for glaring problems like infested wood, leakages, damp areas, and droppings of pests, nests of homes or improper construction in certain parts.
However, do ensure that the inspector you hire belongs to a reputed pest control service, has insurance and isn’t priced too heavily. You might even want to ensure that his credentials back his reputation and that you acquire him independently and not through the connections of the owners to avoid chances of a pilfered report.
If need be you can even suggest having a specialist come in to do a check for specific types of pests to be completely sure, in case of any doubt.
A pre-sale inspection is just as important as any other thing you might consider when purchasing an apartment. When keeping in mind the location, facilities, construction etc. don’t forget that a good report vouches for the sturdiness of the building.
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As the owner of Protech Pest Control, Muzi Tsolakis ensures that through the use of eco-friendly yet highly-effective pest control treatment solutions and a team of highly skilled technicians, they keep your home pest-free and is exactly why they list amongst the most premium commercial pest control companies. Their pest inspection services are definitely something you’d want to incorporate as part of your pre-sale procedure.

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  1. Pest infection is in investment that is helpful in long run. It helps in detection of pest infestation before it gets any worse.

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      Rishika – Regular checks is the way to stay on top of it. I believe that a good property manager should be thinking ahead and advising you about any maintenance before it becomes critical and therefor much more expensive. Kevin

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