The city of the future + A royal baby's bedroom + When a bidder bolts and more!

Cate Bakos joins Kevin Turner in this week’s episode of Property News Update! Tune in as they discuss the following property stories from around the world:

  • Have we hit the bottom? Australian home prices have finally stopped decreasing as Sydney and Melbourne prices rise for the first time since 2017. Experts believe sentiment was boosted by mortgage rate cuts.
  • Australia isn’t alone in its recovering housing market. For the first time in recent history, prices in the US showed signs of softening, but reports say that the market isn’t living up to its full potential.
  • Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s son was born a few months ago, and people all over the world are curious to see the newest royal’s nursery. Reportedly being paid for by Markle’s own pocket, the nursery has a few 3D renders going around.
  • An auction disaster has sparked fresh calls for Victorian buyers to be registered before the bid under the hammer. A winning bidder fled an auction moments after the property was sold, causing the unlucky vendors to slash off the final price.
  • Sidewalk Labs, sister company of tech giant Google, has submitted their proposal to build a ‘smart city’ neighbourhood on Toronto’s waterfront. The plan is a fascinating view of what the city of the future could look like.


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