The Brisbane suburbs people won’t leave + Stafford suburb profile +Granny Flat potential

In this episode our special guest Nicola McDougall tells us about the Brisbane suburbs people simply do not want to leave.  We name them and Nicola details the reasons they are so ‘livable’.  Great information if you are looking to invest for sustained growth in an area that is popular with tenants or if you are looking for your next family home.
We take a detailed look at Stafford and meet one of the area’s top agents Richard Mirosh from LJ Hooker Stafford. He tells us about a recent typical sale that was purchased on the back of great re-development potential.
Shannon’s tip is always a highlight and this one does not disappoint.  This time he talks about one of the big mistakes he sees many property investors make and it has to do with strategy.
Enjoy this episode and we look forward to your feedback and questions.  Keep them coming in.   If your question is chosen, you will win a 12 month subscription to Your Investment Property magazine.
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2 thoughts on “The Brisbane suburbs people won’t leave + Stafford suburb profile +Granny Flat potential

  1. Hi Kevin,
    Thank you for your informative talks.
    As our children are now of university age, we are hoping to buy a unit for them in Brisbane. What are the key things that we should be including in our search, for this to be attractive to them, (as well as future university students) long term?
    I look forward to your reply,

    1. Kevin Turner says:

      Sharon – I will answer this in more detail in a show segment but in the meantime be very careful if you are buying off the plan. There are a number of segments we have recorded on the shows that deal with this and what you should be aware of. Not saying that off the plan should be avoided all together but there are things you should be aware of when you buy. Kevin

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