Sydney Shines as a premier ‘Workation’ destination

The global phenomenon of ‘workations’ has taken a decisive turn towards Sydney, marking it as one of the top cities for hybrid workers seeking to blend work and leisure in a picturesque setting. IWG’s recent research reveals that workations, where individuals combine work with vacations abroad, have surged in popularity since hybrid work models became the norm. Last year, a remarkable 88% of hybrid workers embraced the concept of ‘working from anywhere,’ with 57% opting to extend their holidays by working from abroad.

IWG, the world’s largest flexible and hybrid workspace provider, analyzed 25 leading cities across nine key criteria to determine the best destinations for workations. Sydney, Australia, emerged as a standout choice, scoring highly in climate (8.5) and happiness (8.5). Sydney’s appeal lies in its vibrant cityscape, stunning harborside views, pristine beaches, and a diverse culinary scene, including bustling flea markets and lively festivals. Hybrid workers can savor all of these delights while also utilizing one of IWG’s 19 flexible office locations scattered across the city, making work seamlessly blend with leisure.

Sharing the top spot were Barcelona and Toronto, each excelling in distinct aspects. Barcelona, renowned for its culture and almost year-round sunshine, attracts digital nomads seeking the perfect work-life balance. Toronto, on the other hand, stands out for its accommodation, happiness index, and abundance of flexible workspaces, making it an ideal choice for travelers.

Completing the top three, Beijing earned an impressive score of 57.5, excelling in categories like culture, accommodation, and transportation costs. The city seamlessly melds historic neighborhoods with futuristic financial districts, offering a unique blend of traditional and modern China.

This research underscores the rising trend of workations, with 67% of workers believing they can effectively work from abroad. Improved work-life balance (76%) ranks as the most significant benefit, with the ability to spend time with family abroad (52%) and enjoy longer holidays (30%) also noted. As a leader in hybrid work solutions, IWG’s extensive network of over 3,500 locations across 120 countries supports this evolving work culture, empowering individuals to work where they are most productive while embracing a more flexible and fulfilling work lifestyle. According to Damien Sheehan, IWG’s Country Head for Australia, this trend is set to grow further as companies adopt Work From Anywhere (WFA) policies, enhancing work-life balance and increasing their appeal as employers.

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