Silver Linings: Steps for Improving Your Business Post-COVID-19

This week we’re happy to welcome Pat Heller, the Vice President of Compass in Southern California. Pat joins us with a powerful session that looks at the stages we have experienced during COVID-19. She also identifies key takeaways from the 200 agents she supervises, including how they’re now shifting to “go” mode. Here’s what she will be covering:
The five phases of COVID-19’s impact on our businesses

  • Shock:the surreal disconnect and the opportunity for personal reflection time.
  • Transition to the new reality: Were you a victim or did you take charge?
  • Hang-in there: Continuing to work even as the “new normal” constantly shifts. Are you thriving or miserable because of it?
  • Go Time: We see light at the end of the tunnel and are energized as the lockdowns begin to end and we start moving back to more normal conditions.
  • What am I committed to keeping? What are the “silver linings,” the lessons learned, that you will continue to use in your business as you move forward?