Singapore property prices grow + Dubai prices slip dramatically + Empty houses get taxed

What’s made the news this week?
Watch (or listen) as Nicola McDougall and Kevin Turner catch up to discuss the stories that grabbed their attention this week.
1. Singapore property prices grow
A high number of new private homes sold at relatively high prices in H1 2018 drove the hikes… READ MORE
2. Dubai prices slip dramatically
Property prices in Dubai have fallen by around a quarter in under four years, a new report reveals… READ MORE
3. Empty houses get taxed
Plans to increase the amount of Council Tax charged on empty homes in South Cambridgeshire… READ MORE
4. Brexit blamed for UK price slump
The cost of property in London’s most expensive neighborhoods tumbled in 2018, with buyers… READ MORE
5. Sex sells – maybe!
A weekend removed from their Montgomery County real estate listing going viral, Vince Marie… READ MORE

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