Save Dollars on Your Energy Bills with HomeSelfe

This week Ameeta Jain, the founder of joins us with a terrific way not only to save your clients money on their energy bill but has a powerful marketing plan as well. HomeSelfe is an “innovative real estate lead generation and social marketing platform that will help you grow your sphere of influence and deliver leads automatically.”
Not only are you going to love their energy-saving rebates, money-saving tips for your energy bills, but most importantly, their complete marketing program that puts you in front of your clients at least 6-8 times a month. This is an extraordinary value at only $99.00 per month.
Here’s what Ameeta will be covering in this informative session.

  • Ten areas where you can save on your energy bills.
  • Understanding the difference between energy-efficient vs. building energy.
  • Where to find rebates for major house systems such as heating and energy as well as for energy-saving appliances.
  • How to collect rebates from multiple places.
  • How HomeSelfe makes marketing your business as easy as point, click, and go.


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