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If you are looking at buying anything new off the plan, Propertymash is the site for you to go and have a look.  They have nearly every development in South East Queensland on the site and plan to expand nationally.  Site developer Cameron Black will explain how it provides unbiased opinions and reviews.
Kevin Turner: A few weeks ago I told you about a website called Well, the launch of propertymash took place late last week and was very, very successful. In fact, the portal itself has been very successful over time, now registering more. If you’re looking at buying anything new off the plan, this is the site for you to go and have a look at the propertymash. Joining me, the man behind it, Cameron Black. Cameron, congratulations on the launch. Congratulations on what the portal’s doing. It’s growing from success to success.
Cameron Black: Thanks Kevin. Yes. The launch went really well, and now we’re very, very pleased at how the website’s going at the moment.  We’re getting a lot of visitors and a lot of engagement from buyers, so, yeah, it’s growing very nicely.
Kevin Turner: Because you need the two sides, don’t you?  You need the developments, or the developers, to put their product there, and then you need the eyeballs of people who want to buy it.
Cameron Black: Yeah, no, absolutely right? Yeah. We got a big team. Had to put a big team together to kind of cover all of the projects, because, yeah, the great challenge for us is not only finding every project in the marketplace, because we understand exactly how hard it is for a buyer because it’s hard for us to even find every off-the-plan and new apartment project, townhouse project, house and land project. In Queensland, we’re putting them onto our portal, so that’s a big job. And then, of course, we’re visiting each one and writing our independent reviews.
Cameron Black: So it’s a huge job, but we’ve got up to almost 300 projects now, which is more than twice any other competitor in the marketplace. I think that’s been a really big milestone for us. A buyer can now go to propertymash and look through almost 300, and I think sometime this week we’ll probably top out over the 300. You know, Kevin, the surprising thing is we’ve got another hundred to go and inspect and review, at least another 400 plus, at least 400 plus in the market.
Kevin Turner: I was going to ask you, how big is the market? And we’re really only talking here about Queensland, and I know you have ambitions to go Australia-wide and even worldwide, but is that the depth of the market in Queensland? New off-the-plan developments, about 400?
Cameron Black: Yeah, well that’s Brisbane and Gold Coast only, and that’s not even including Sunshine Coast. So we look at our estimation at the moment is 450. We haven’t had books to go and inspect and write up our reviews on and look there is no doubt more. But, yes, we’re working really, really hard to try and identify everything inside and that’s ultimately … Yeah, other than our independent reviews so that a buyer can come and get some authentic content before they purchase or to validate their purchase before they go ahead. That’s one of the key objectives of Property Mash, so a buyer’s got that third party resource to reference. The other key, value proposition I suppose. The service that we’re trying to offer is they go to one location and find every single project, and, yeah, we’re well and truly on our way now, and as I was saying before, we’re far over twice our nearest competitor in terms of content, which is really exciting.
Kevin Turner: When the consumer goes to the site, what can they expect to see? And are there any developments that you won’t have on the site?
Cameron Black: No, we’re actually trying to put every single project on there. Every now and then, we’ve been really surprised, Kevin. Sometimes we’re writing these reviews, and they’re very, very factual, and some of the people in the industry get a little bit concerned about it, but it’s very, very few. The developers don’t want to be involved, and we’ve been really, really pleased with how they’ve engaged with us. Every now and then, there’ll be a developer that will come to us and say, “Oh, please don’t feature our project.”  We’re actually putting every project on there, so if the developer doesn’t want to be on there, we will still include their project.
Cameron Black: We won’t go and write up a full review, but if a member of the public comes to us and ask us to go and actually write up that review, we’ll actually go and write that review free of charge, so it’s a free service, and every member of the public can actually just go onto our website and very, very quickly just put it in a submission, and we’ll go out there and talk to the developer, because we’re not going say to a buyer whether they’re a good or bad project. I mean buying property is really a very subjective process. You and I might look at two properties, and I’ll like one, and you’ll like the other, and it’ll be based on not just facts but also their subjective requirements.
Cameron Black: But what we do do, and I think what our journalists are doing very, very effectively is just taking away all of the marketing. advertising agencies. And that’s really going to have and we just put the facts up there so as if we were writing for a brother or a family relative who wasn’t local and so if I can go there and read it and just see for themselves exactly the facts about that project and balance that against everything that they know in the market place and then make really well informed decision to go ahead and buy.
Kevin Turner: Given the size of the site and how well it’s been accessed both by developers and by consumers you would over time, I guess, be getting a really good feel for what sorts of developments in what areas are really got to work. That’d be pretty valuable information.
Cameron Black: I think that’s… Yes, absolutely. I think that’s part of what our vision is, I suppose, is that we’ve got all this information collating it and presenting it back to the marketplace. In new ways to interpret that data. I mean we’re very, very focused on our buyers and we only really talked to buyers of property so we’re not creating services for developers or for the industry. Now our goal is to create a really high quality print magazine. As you know, we’ve got a print magazine in the marketplace as well as a website such as service for buyers. We really think that the property search experience for people buying new and off the plan property is broken. It hasn’t, you know, it just doesn’t work at the moment. You can’t go to any one website until –
Kevin Turner: Until now.
Cameron Black: They should be able go to one website and that should be able to find all the product in the marketplace and I think that’s very antiquated. And then the second part of what we’re doing is if you want to buy a property and you want to go online and actually check out and do a third party validation and make sure that that $500,000 or that $1,000,000 dollar investment you’re about to make to satisfy yourself that it’s the right decision. While our reviews are sitting there and we’re starting to get feedback from buyers as well, which is really exciting. So the buyer is starting to get onto our website and give out some comments about why they purchased this property rather than another property and I think that’s really exciting to hear any buyer can go there and see what other buyers and the reasons why they purchased property again. That’s another element of I guess conversation and any information that you just can’t get in any other website.
Kevin Turner: Listeners to this show. Well basically now that we’ve got the net all over the world, what are your ambitions for growth? How soon do you think we’re going to see propertymash more than just in southeast Queensland?
Cameron Black: That’s a big job, Kevin.
Kevin Turner: I know.
Cameron Black: Such a big job because of the way we do it with our journalist having to visit our project and then writing these independent reviews. It’s a big job and we need to make sure that we do it properly because we know people are really relying upon us to give them the facts. That’s why we were engaging with the development community because it’s so important that we work with them every day and to get our updates and make sure all these articles that we’re producing are as accurate that they can be. So it’s a big job. I mean, we’ll be starting on the sunshine coast shortly.
Cameron Black: And we’re already preparing for other markets. Look, I’d love to give you a date but it won’t be too long. That’s for sure. So we’re pushing ahead and we see the value of the service is absolutely relevant in all these other markets in Australia.
Kevin Turner: Great talking to you, Cameron. Thank you very much for your time. Congratulations on what you’re doing. The website again is called Property Mash P-R-O-P-E-R-T-Y-M-A-S-H dot com. Cameron, thank you very much for your time. Congratulations on what you’re doing.
Cameron Black: Thanks Kevin. Appreciate it.

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