As covid lockdowns continue to create widespread uncertainty in the days ahead is this a time for indecision?  Bushy seeks the advice of buyers agent Lachlan Vidler who gives Bushy an unexpected answer to that question.  Last week Bushy met up with Brett Birkill from Birkill Developments as an example of the diversity of people that property attracts and the outstanding opportunities it provides. In the second part of their conversation, Brett explains why he decided to venture into the cut and thrust of property development and why he chose Melbourne as the market to build townhouses. Many passive income investors are now looking into the commercial property to improve their cash flows. Bushy explores the opportunities commercial property creates compared with residential as he is joined by Steve Palise.  To wrap the show up this week, Bushy will help build your negotiation tool kit with his tips on ‘Mirroring and Labelling’.

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