Cate Bakos is a buyers agent based in Melbourne – one of the most prolific property auction markets in the country.  Even though auctions might be well accepted in Melbourne and Sydney, we have to acknowledge that many people will only ever be a bidder at 1 or 2 auctions in their whole life.  That is why we are creating this series where we take you behind the scenes and give you a look at how you can get a better understanding about how auctions work.  This week Cate helps us work out the price range that you need to realistically be preparing for prior to the big day.

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  • Wendy BOURKE
    Posted at 21:24h, 21 December Reply

    Thank you this video . It was a a sensible approach. We sold a 20 year old 3 story house, which we had lived in for 12 years and it was on a quarter acre block with gardens, trees and lawns. The suggested upper price was a million , but we had bought it for 8.5 hundred thousand and I thought 1,000,000 was optimistic. In the end , at auction, it sold for 7.75 hundred thousands. I thought the price was a bit low, but I was not overly surprised, nor disappointed. I was not convinced an auction was the way to go but went with the advice it was the best option..

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