If you decide to move into an investment property and become your primary residence place, you’ll need to declare this for tax purposes.  There are certain scenarios where an investor can end up living in an investment property, but it is important to be wary of the rules and regulations before doing so.   That is what Bushy discusses with Brad Beer from BMT.

The Australian housing market is booming with predictions that prices will rise by as much as 20% in total across this year and next. but one of Australia’s leading economists Dr. Shane Oliver, Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist AMP Capital believes the bull market may be getting close to the end, and when someone like Shane says that we listen.  Bushy talks to him about that. 

According to the most recent Australian Taxation Office statistics, just 8.8% of Australians have an investment property.  That is just over 2 million investors ….. impressive.    But dig deeper and we discover that the number of people who have scaled their portfolio is a small minority within a small minority.   The numbers Bushy discusses with Arjun Paliwal are very revealing.  And we round the show out with a piece of wisdom from Bushy that deals with allowable claims.  What costs can you recover from the taxman?

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