What’s next for property now that APRA’s tightened the screws?- Michael Yardney, Andrew Mirams

What’s next for property now that APRA’s tightened the screws?- Michael Yardney, Andrew Mirams

There’s been a lot of concern lately about the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) curbing to lending to property investors and how this may cause our real estate markets to slow down.
The reason behind APRA’s involvement is the significant growth of lending to property investors particularly in Australia’s two largest capitals which seems to be pricing first-time home buyers out of the market.
The new directives from (APRA), come at a time of intense growth in the residential property sector in the Sydney and Melbourne property markets.
How significant are these changes and what does they means to property investors, home buyers and those who want to get into the property market? 
Watch this video as I ask 2 experts for their opinions:

  • Michael Yardney – director of Metropole Property Strategists and one of Australia’s leading experts in wealth creation
  • Andrew Mirams – a finance strategist and director of Intuitive Finance.

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  • andy
    Posted at 10:10h, 15 August Reply

    APRA has basically locked in profits for the banks. Seems you can’t change banks for a better deal on loans as the new loans are under the new rulings. I’m stuck..

  • Suzie Farrell
    Posted at 17:03h, 16 August Reply

    Love all your interviews maybe you should interview me as a female who has done really well in real estate one day I actually was a platinum badger when I worked for Hayden’s I get sick of the male interviews there are a few good women doing it! Cheers Suzie

  • Pete
    Posted at 21:31h, 16 September Reply

    Hi Suzie, the problem is that, however smart, well educated and advised, most women still make dominantly emotional investment decisions. They even start by selecting investment team partners, such as advisors, finance brokers, conveyancers, etc, primarily by how well they like them. More sophisticated female investors explain their approach as one as some sort of esoteric intuition, rather than investing rationally and strategically.

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